Me, in a nutshell

As an Obstacle course race enthusiast who literally climbs mountains I have completed more than 15 Tough Mudder and Spartan Races and I am a recipient of the prestigious Double Trifecta medal, which recognizes my race accomplishments across California.

I apply the same dedication and work ethic that it takes to conquer these courses to my daily work routine. I am an optimist who is passionate about design, has a good sense of humor and takes pride in being easy to work with also, I share snacks and make a really great salsa!

Stack of business cards

Business Cards – 2Fit

Business Card Design - Typography, Illustration, Photo Color Correction

Sleeprockers / Hieroglyphics t-shirt design.

T-Shirt Design – Sleeprockers

T-shirt design for screen printing. Incorporated existing logo brand into typesetting.

Savage Life Fitness Zumba poster design

Poster design – SLF Zumba

8.5x11" poster design - Logo Design, Photo Color Correction, Typography.

Savage Life Fitness Swim poster design

Poster Design – SLF Swim

8.5x11" poster design. Typograghy, Color Correction.

For the Heads Poster design

Poster Design – Nocturnal

11x17 poster design. Logo Design, Typography, Image Manipulation.

Table Manners with DJ Nocturnal poster design

Table Manners – Poster Design

11x17 Poster Design. Typography, Photo Color Correction.

Single page layout of Tower Theatre 75th Anniversary.

Page Layout – Land Park News

Single page layout example.

Page Layout – Arden-Carmichael News

Doubletruck spread from Arden-Carmichael News

Page Layout – Arden-Carmichael News

Land Park News cover design

Cover Design – Land Park News

Typography / Color Correction

Let's Go! logo and cover of Tower Records design.

Cover Design – Let’s Go!

Art Direction / Typography / Photo Color Correction

Pocket News cover design

Cover Design – Pocket News

Art Direction / Typography / Illustration

2016 Masters Club cover design with Golden 1 Center

Cover Design – Masters Club

2016 Masters Club Cover Design Art Direction / Color Correction / Typography

Screenshot of Savage Life Fitness website.

Web Design – SLF

Web Design, Custom CSS, Content Management.

Screenshot of West Sacramento News-Ledger website

Web Design – Ledger

Web Design, Custom CSS, Content Management, Web Master.

Screenshot of Valley Community Newspapers website.

Web Design – VCN

Web Design, Custom CSS, Content Management, Web Master.